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Beauty and Health, Best Organic Indian Facials that people fall for!

  Are you worried if you would get the right facial done to your skin? What if it causes breakouts? What if it ruins my skin? If these questions are running on your mind, then you have come to the right place.  There are some “game-changing” facial treatments that are sure to change your perspective but there are also the “not-so-good” ones that would not be worth your hard-earned money. But which is which? Before we dive into this, one thing is for sure that organic facials will always have your back. Why? Because they are made with the most natural ingredients that you can find. An organic facial will leave your skin feeling pampered, rejuvenated and relaxed after a long day.  An all-natural day including a face massage for skin tightening, accompanied with a blackhead facial followed by a natural facial treatment will leave your skin supple and glowing. Organic facials contain a natural blend of herbal therapies and ayurveda that is good for your skin.  At U2, there are v

Why Eyebrow threading is perfect for you? Especially when you hate waxing .

  Hate to feel the stingy pain that waxing leaves behind? Then Eyebrow threading is the perfect solution for you. It can be used to remove stray hairs around your eyebrows and shape them ideally. Originally from the middle east, it has become the most preferred method of removing hair throughout the world in recent years. It’s the number one method for hair removal, and here’s why: 1. Minimal Chemicals – Eyebrow threading requires just two tools; one is the cotton thread and another is a skilful hand. There is hence no risk of you being exposed to any allergic reaction. Eyebrow threading is literally a bane for people with sensitive skin as they get to experience the wonderful results without the constant worry of catching allergies. 2. Comparatively less pain – As opposed to popular beliefs, waxing and plucking are much more painful than eyebrow threading. In eyebrow threading , the cotton thread only touches your hair and never the skin during the process. Your skin is

Do You Need A License to do Eyelash Extensions in States?

Is License required to do Eyelash Extensions in United States of America?  Lashing is an artistic and fun profession allowing you to be your own boss. You might be someone very curious to become a Lash Artist or You might be curious to learn the art of lashing or you might be someone who already is a Lash Artist and need to get Licensed? You would require a license to perform any treatment that requires touching others in United States.  First and foremost, you do have to have an E sthetician or Cosmetology License  to do eyelash extensions in  most states. If you have one of these Esthetician or Cosmetology License then you would only require a certification course to perform Eyelash Extensions. The certification course would teach you on the hygiene and application of the lashes. Often people are confused and argue about the need of having a license to perform eyelash extensions. The Fact is YOU NEED LICENSE TO PERFORM EYELASH EXTENSIONS IN US. Also, to perform

How to get a Dual License in Cosmetology, Esthetician and Tattoo License

How to get a Dual License in Cosmetology,  Esthetician  and Tattoo License Are you someone who has completed all of your licensing and been in the business for years? You can do great in your business and earn great from your clients. Still, something seems missing.  You own any one of Skincare License or Cosmetology License or Threading License or Esthetician License or Tattoo License but still want more. You might be offering great service to your clients with mastered industry level skills. But you can simply make more money and offer many more services to your clients.  You can challenge yourself, learn new services and techniques, and complementary skills that benefit you and your business.  How to do this? The only solution is getting Dual Licensed  You heard it right. Getting more than one license or dual license is the latest and greatest trends in the beauty and wellness industry. Having more than one or multiple licenses is a great idea. It not onl

How to open Eyebrow threading business? What all I need?

Are You a Certified Cosmetology or Threading License holder? Do you want to open Eyebrow Threading Business in Florida? Connect - 954-243-8549 . . . If You have any other questions related to opening Eyebrow Threading Business or what documents you require to open eyebrow threading license please comment your questions and I will respond back to you. You can also Contact me on the above given number. You can message or call me US – 954-243-8549 or  WhatsApp Subscribe to my  YouTube Channel   Follow us  Facebook